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Parenting is really hard and sometimes we feel at loss about how we can best help our kids.

It's easy to believe that we're forever defined by our past experiences, but the truth is far more hopeful.

When children are struggling, it can show in lots of different ways. As adults, we often label them as "misbehaving", "disobedient", "throwing tantrums" and similar. The reality, however, is that they're trying  to manage their feelings and to connect with the adults around them.

Here are some signs that you or your child may be struggling and need professional help:

  • Changes in sleeping or eating habits
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Shift in mood (suddenly very angry or withdrawn)
  • They're worried and anxious
  • ‍They are more clingy or have bad separation anxiety


One of the hardest parts of being a teenager is living in a world full of people who don’t get you. This can make folks feel rejected, alone, and unworthy, which then creates many more mental health concerns. I provide support for anxiety, trauma, and depression, while also tending to the impact of social systems on your mental wellbeing.


Don't let anxiety and depression dim your light. Anxiety and depression are not personality traits, but symptoms of a deeper issue that needs healing. Therapy is a great way to figure out exactly what that is and to resolve it. Through personalized strategies, you'll learn to navigate tough emotions and rediscover inner peace.

Thought Space Counseling in Illinois | Therapy for Adolescents, Adults, and Parent Struggling With Their Kids

Parents of someone struggling

Parenting is really hard and sometimes we feel at loss about how we can best help our kids. When children are struggling with anxiety, depression, behavior problems, etc, it can show in lots of different ways. We will work through becoming a better parent, helping your child navigate what is going on for them, and decrease parental anxiety and isolation.

Bring Out The Best in your Kids

In therapy, we always look at the whole container that the child lives in. Common results from therapy for children and their caregivers are:

Decreased conflict

Better strategies to deal with hard things

Improved ways to work together

Rebuild of mutual trust

Setting and respecting boundaries

Decreased worry and anxiety

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Our time together will help create space for you, teach you how to have a deeper understanding of yourself, and create an environment that is optimal for both you and your family.